”Hi Jane! Just wanted to say thank you so much for our amazing wedding cake! It was perfect! We loved it as did everyone else!”

- Jill & Shaun

”Hello Jane and the cat cake is wondeful. Charles says it is your very best and he adores the peace of the sleeping cat. And the little dish of chicken bits is perfect. We had some last night after just staring at it for two days! Too delicious for words and my mouth waters when I think of it! You are a star!”

- Stuart Montgomery

Appreciation from customers

It's genuinely uplifting when customers share their appreciation of my work. I believe that EVERY cake deserves to be treated with the utmost care. From the inital idea to it's careful execution, the real joy is the delight that a really finely crafted cake can bring. To know that I have created that joy, makes me happy!

”Jane I can't thank you enough for the cake that you made. Honestly, we have had so many surprised and sweet reactions. Absolutely everyone loved it. The cake was so moist and beautiful. It definitely made it's way round, people were asking us for a slice. You really made his day and his reaction said it all...You're simply the best! ”

- Indy Parkash

"I absolutely trust you with the design. Just you do what you do"

- Mary McBride

"I always come back to you because you give me what I want"

- Anne Bradley

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